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Thank You Generous Sponsors

Pie Apples Donated by:
Gebbers Farms, Brewster 

Booster Button Drawing Prizes:

Alta Lake Golf

Ancestry Wine

Brewster Bear Basket

Brewster Market Place

Brewster Senior Center Thrift Store

Colville Tribal Casinos

Baby Cakes

Culinary Apple

Camperos Mexican Restaurant

Company Creek Pizza

Culinary Apple

Eds Mudville

Dollar Plus 

DVC Bakery

Gamble Sands

La Milpa

Mexican Grill

Hank’s Harvest Foods

Kodi’s Noon Saloon


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Riverwalk Books

Rusty Relic

Slide Waters

Starry Owl

Sweet River Bakery

The Shirt Shop

Triangle Exxon Brewster

Westside Pizza


Money Scramble for Kids:
Umpqua Bank, Brewster

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